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  • Structural Strength

    structural strength - Load bearing structural support from high strength to weight ratio.

  • Lightweight

    light weight - Material mass reduction and minimised component count dramatically decrease weight.

  • Energy Absorption

    energy absorption - closed-cell structure delivers controlled return-to-shape after dynamic stress.

  • Recyclable

    recyclable - ARPRO is 100% recyclable and we supply Recycled ARPRO grade.

After undergoing sea worthiness tests, ARPRO is now being considered by the boat building industry as a cost-effective and more durable alternative to balsa wood and PVC hull cores.

Even minor collisions can cause ruptures in the hull core causing invisible damage called ‘de-lamination’. If the hull core and shell become separated, this reduces the boat’s load bearing capacity, jeopardises the safety of the boat and its crew and diminishes its resale value.

Tests show that ARPRO has a very high tolerance to these typical collisions and even with very strong impacts, damage is localised and does not spread as it would with other materials. A boat manufactured with ARPRO is not only safer, it should offer lower maintenance and insurance costs, while providing a better resale value on the boat.