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ARPRO Benefits

  • Structural Strength

    structural strength - Load bearing structural support from high strength to weight ratio.

  • Lightweight

    light weight - Material mass reduction and minimised component count dramatically decrease weight.

  • Recyclable

    recyclable - ARPRO is 100% recyclable and we supply Recycled ARPRO grade.

An ARPRO seat bench can replace the anti-submarine ramp, traditionally a body-in-white element delivering a significant weight saving, improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions.

ARPRO is strong enough to incorporate the ramp in the seat, replacing metal structure and simplifying the vehicle platform. Different h-points for different body styles can be engineered on to the seat itself reducing tooling costs and speeding up the development process.

Even in 'small' mass-market cars where there is less potential to save weight and cost limitations can be difficult to negotiate, switching to an ARPRO structure delivers an immediate weight saving and can lower the assembly cost by enabling simpler assembly.

ARPRO is also used in seat back applications. Weight savings and cost savings were achieved in the construction of a foldable rear seat-back on an already 'weight-reduced' component. Other benefits included reduced component count, process step eliminations and improved recyclability.