ARPRO Benefits

  • Structural Strength

    structural strength - Load bearing structural support from high strength to weight ratio.

  • Energy Absorption

    energy absorption - closed-cell structure delivers controlled return-to-shape after dynamic stress.

  • Lighweight

    light weight - Material mass reduction and minimised component count dramatically decrease weight.

Products such as medicines, prostheses and hygienic products place particularly high demands on packaging, for sterility, protection, temperature-control and security which can be met by ARPRO.

In an industry with increasing concerns for environmental performance, reducing environmental impact through re-usable packaging is important. Use of re-usable packaging is extending beyond automotive (where it is called dunnage) and traditional ‘delicate’ components such as glass, electronic or painted parts as the next phase of cost-savings are found in process efficiencies.

Re-usable packaging containers not only protect parts in transit, but they make packaging and shipping easier and help to make unpacking and assembly more efficient.