ARPRO Benefits

  • Energy Absorption

    energy absorption - closed-cell structure delivers controlled return-to-shape after dynamic stress.

  • Structural Strength

    structural strength - Load bearing structural support from high strength to weight ratio.

  • Lightweight

    light weight - Material mass reduction and minimised component count dramatically decrease weight.

  • Recyclable

    recyclable - ARPRO is 100% recyclable and we supply Recycled ARPRO grade.

ARPRO manages impact energy by absorbing it, then returning to shape. It is ideal for multiple impact protection such as vehicle crash applications, and is widely used in automotive interiors to improve passenger safety for side impact protection, Knee protection, A, B, C pillars, Instrument panel components, and Head restraints.

Expert design and unique material properties enables ARPRO bumper systems to deliver crash performance and pedestrian safety to Euro NCAP standards set- against increasing space-restriction and styling demands.

An important safety benefit of ARPRO is its ability to withstand repeated impact without significant deformation and to return to their original shape following dynamic stress. In addition to vehicle components, this multiple impact protection, lightweight and design flexibility makes ARPRO ideal for personal protective equipment also.