ARPRO is a highly versatile material for moulding a wide variety of finished parts. Our customers enjoy a wider product portfolio, significantly reduced process costs, improved performance and advanced environmental benefits. We are constantly developing new material grades and moulding techniques, all in support of extending the range of ARPRO applications.

JSP continuously invests in new molding techniques and improvements.

Special features can improve performance, reduce parts and help enhance ultimate product value.

Integrated fixing mechanisms can simplify assembly and reduce component count. ARPRO does not generate particles or break under impact Mold sophisticated multi-piece parts with snap fit components High quality intricate parts with low-squeak characteristics

A combination of key material properties and ingenious processing techniques enable component functionality to be enhanced.

Steam chest molds can represent significant cost and time savings compared to molds required for alternative plastics technologies, such as injection molding.

ARPRO parts can be made self-hinging due to its resilience and durability. Inserts of virtually any material, size and shape are possible and reduce assembly costs ARPRO repeatedly compresses and returns to shape enabling parts that snap together! A part with multiple densities allows a single part to have multiple functions.

ARPRO can also be used to fabricate custom packaging when parts are cut from molded planks or blocks.

There are a number of cutting and adhering techniques that can be used with ARPRO for packaging heavy equipment, instruments, machinery and other industrial components.

CNC cutting of ARPRO blocks can create custom packaging solutions with snap fit characteristics Part cutting ARPRO blocks enables self-hinging components in end-cap style packaging solutions. Multiple precision cutting and adhering techniques are available to create standard block fabrications.

Bright colors and exciting textures bring new dimensions to ARPRO.

ARPRO colors and in-mold surface textures are available but this is just the beginning. JSP works with design engineers and industrial designers to create a wide range of new products with value-added performance.

Bright colors add flair to eye-catching designer products Functional colors that are vital to the product design Adding a grain to the surface of ARPRO for tactile performance Custom surfaces add value to high-touch products and components