ARPRO provides a unique combination of material properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of product applications. As a high performance engineering material, ARPRO provides a range of performance benefits for both manufacturer and end-user, including:

> structural strength

ARPRO has a very high strength-to-weight ratio with load bearing structural support in a range of applications. ARPRO is capable of handling significant loads with little loss in form or shape.

> light weight

ARPRO is used in the automotive industry to improve vehicle safety and to make vehicles lighter, reducing system mass up to 10kg in systems seating. Lighter cars reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, as CO2 output increases by 10g/km for every 100 kg of vehicle mass.

> chemically inert

Unaffected by exposure to oil, grease, petroleum and most chemicals, ARPRO does not support microbial growth.

> thermal insulation

ARPRO provides outstanding thermal insulation for applications where food, medical supplies and other temperature sensitive products require protection. ARPRO’s strong thermal insulation properties combined with key assets such as resilience and easy-moldability make it ideal for use in HVAC applications.

> energy absorption

ARPRO is an excellent energy absorbing material that withstands multiple impacts without damage. Its light weight and exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio make it a good choice for applications such as vehicle crash protection components. High density ARPRO can be used in energy absorbing packaging for even the heaviest of industrial applications.

> Acoustical

ARPRO provides acoustical enhancement in components used throughout vehicles. Other applications include an innovative vacuum cleaner housing to reduce motor noise, where it also reduces appliance weight making it easier to manoeuvre and protects against accidental impacts.

> recyclable

ARPRO is an environmentally-sound, "green" material that is 100% recyclable. Manufacturing ARPRO requires no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chlorofluorocarbon or other compounds that are recognized as most damaging to the environment. ARPRO is also available as a recycled grade.