Life Cycle

ARPRO has achieved excellent environmental results in an independent life cycle assessment. Calculating comparative CO2 (global warming potential), ARPRO delivers an environmental benefit twelve times that of its impact

JSP followed ISO 14040 environmental management standard.

> overview

The ARPRO LCA evaluates the environmental impact of the production, use and disposal of a typical ARPRO seat-core.

Life cycle assessment improves environmental performance.

> independent analysis

Life cycle assessment is the most widely recognized technique to assess the environmental impacts of a product from raw material supply through the point of use and to end of life.

An ARPRO seat enables a net reduction in
CO2(e) of 2.65 g/km.

> CO2 saving

CO2 savings result from the ability to deliver component weight reductions of up to 35 percent. Nearly 16 million tonnes of CO2 (e) could be saved if applied to the number of cars sold annually.

LCA is peer-reviewed by a second, independent life cycle expert.

> reduced impact

Results from each stage of production, use and end-of life are reported for 12 categories in order to understand the impacts over a widely-used range of measures.