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ARPRO is available in a range of special Grades, engineered to serve specific requirements such as electromagnetic or flame-retardant characteristics and other demanding applications. New grades can be created to deliver a unique solution for a single customer's requirement.

> fire retardant

ARPRO FR provides the ability to mould components that pass the UL94 HF-1.

The standard for "Safety of Flammability of Plastic Material for Parts in Devices and Appliances testing" a commonly-referenced code when specifying components in many environments. ARPRO FR is the first product of its kind - manufactured without the use of environmentally harmful halogenated-chemicals and yet meeting the exacting industry standards for flame-retardant materials.


> recycled

Recycled content ARPRO with no performance loss or additional cost

Recycled content ARPRO allows users to fulfill recycled-material strategies, while maintaining strength, durability and moulding characteristics. Recycled content ARPRO is targeted at automotive and other industries where legislation and customer demand for recycled materials is increasing.


> porous

Over a 400 Hz to 10,000 Hz frequency range, ARPRO Porous is up to ten times more sound absorbent than normal ARPRO.

ARPRO Porous is highly durable and resists multiple impacts without damage. Unlike many other acoustical materials, ARPRO Porous is not fibrous, discharges no particles when abraded, and requires no significant installation structure, as it is rigid and self-supporting.


> Electrostatic Discharge Protection

ARPRO Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESDP) assures greater protection from electrostatic discharge with a permanent surface resistance of less than 107 Ω, promoting rapid static decay to protect against sparking.

ARPRO ESDP is used for molding and fabricating packaging materials used for sensitive electronic equipment and other products where static discharge is undesirable.


> low squeak

Reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for automotive interior components.

An innovative solution to noise vibration and harshness (NVH) issues, ARPRO Low Squeak features a non-slip additive that reduces the material's coefficient of friction, overcoming resistance and creating quiet movement between components.


> high density

For maximum compressive strength, energy absorption and structural integrity.

ARPRO High Density grades, up to 250 g/l, are used to mold extremely rigid products for applications where compressive strength and energy absorption are crucial performance factors, such as for automotive bumper cores, passenger side impact protection and customized reusable industrial packaging.


> complex molding

ARPRO 5635 increases the ability to mold small parts, thin walls and complex components. Improved molded surfaces will also benefit components with fine covers.

Weighing only 0.5 mg, with an average size of 2.0-3.5mm, ARPRO 5635 dramatically improves the molding of traditionally ‘difficult’ parts, such as sun visors. Extensive testing has demonstrated increased potential for all market segments, but advantages are most visible on thin wall, sinuous parts or where a smooth, closed surface is specified.