As a high performance engineering material, ARPRO provides a unique combination of material properties that benefit both manufacturer and end-user: strength with lightweight, resilience, thermal insulation, chemical resistance, acoustic insulation and recyclability.

ARPRO has a very high strength to weight ratio allowing it to be a load bearing structure, with little loss in form or shape. ARPRO also allows system mass reduction permitting savings in energy and fuel consumption.

Energy absorption

ARPRO is a highly resilient, energy management material that withstands multiple impacts without damage.

It maintains its properties over a wide range of temperatures and is isotropic so that its energy performance is independent of the direction of impact.


ARPRO allows system mass reduction, which permits savings in energy and fuel consumption.

Structural strength

ARPRO has a very high strength-to-weight ratio with load bearing structural support capability.

ARPRO is capable of handling significant loads with little loss in form or shape.

Thermal insulation

ARPRO provides outstanding thermal insulation.

Chemically inert

ARPRO is unaffected by exposure to oil, grease, petroleum and most common chemicals. It does not support microbial growth and is biocompatible.

Acoustic insulation

Due to its multiple design possibilities, ARPRO can dampen, absorb or block sound.

Recyclable and low environmental impact

ARPRO is 100% recyclable. Manufacturing ARPRO or molding parts from it requires no hydrocarbon expansion agents, chlorofluorocarbon or other compounds that are recognized as damaging to the environment.