ARPRO is used in many unexpected places, from sports equipment to mannequins to domestic appliances. The properties of ARPRO are usually the deciding factor for use but sometimes it is selected for that differentiation factor.

ARPRO can be used for a wide variety of sports and leisure equipment. The easy clean, biocompatible and non microbial supporting features of ARPRO make it ideal for use in sports applications.


ARPRO has been used to make; climbing, skiing, horse riding, skate boarding, surfing, baseball and cycling helmets, ski boot insoles, body boards, swimming floats, body protection, shin pads, bicycle rims, exercise / yoga rolls and more.

A orange and black ski helmet made by Rossignol using ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) for impact protection

Rossignol ski helmet contains ARPRO for impact protection 

A black Parrot AR drone made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) flying

Parrot Drone 

Black and white Salomon ski boot with a black insole made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

ARPRO insole for the Salomon Ski boot 

Mini Mantas children swimming float made from ARPRO Blueberry

Mini Mantas children's swimming float 

Selection of polypropylene coloured sports rollers and massage balls

Blackroll sports rollers in many ARPRO colours 

An orange climbing helmet made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

Petzl climbing and mountaineering helmet 

Blue and yellow NMD Jase Finlay body board made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

Body boards 

ARPRO can be used for various applications in domestic appliances such as pump housings, insulation and dampening components, as well as for re-usable transport packaging. ARPRO is waterproof, provides acoustic insulation, reduces the weight of appliances and makes them more durable and valuable.

Black HOTBIN compost bin with black sack of compost and tools

Hotbin compost bin by Engineered Foam Products 

Dark blue small sebo vacuum cleaner with hose wrapped around it

Sebo vacuum cleaner

Dark blue small sebo vacuum cleaner, opened to show ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) inside, with hose wrapped around it

Sebo vacuum cleaner with ARPRO inside 

ARPRO can be used for many different types and styles of furniture. You can make entire final pieces from ARPRO such as children’s chairs, room or events dividers, sofas and shelving. Using ARPRO parts or components in furniture can have the added benefits of acoustic dampening and impact protection.

Open plan office space reconfigured with black Metaform lightweight partitions made by Herman Miller.

Herman Miller office partitions 

Small chair for children made from black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

Childs chair 

A black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) shelving system at the back of the image, with a smaller orange and magenta cube at the front made by Movisi

Movisi Play, a modular shelving system 

Free standing mobile office partitions forming circular offices with round table and wall partitions designed by PearsonLloyd

Link by Movisi, the quirky way to divide space

Modular sofa made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a special ergonomic and light-hearted appearance made by Movisi. Shown in Black, Magenta, White, Grey, Orange and Lime.

Movisi Q-couch 

An ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) Magenta modular shelving system made by Movisi

Movisi Play, a modular shelving system 

There are a multitude of applications made from ARPRO that you may find surprising; mannequins, pig shoulder protectors, marble runs, drone protection, travel cots, bath levellers, Playmobil® toys, bottle coolers, fish boxes, egg shaped carbonara makers, vacuum cleaners and more!  

Playmobil orange childrens aeroplane with black wings made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

A Playmobil® plane made from ARPRO 

A tower of beer Cooling Cubes that are lime green, blue, magenta and yellow

Keep your beer cold with the colourful Cooling Cubes

A pig shoulder protector made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene), they are similar to small plates

Protecting mother pigs from possible shoulder infections, made by BEWi

A yellow and black marble track with bridge, all made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

ARPRO marble track, made by Iltar

A female, male and child mannaquinn made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) sitting on the floor

Meet the ARPRO family! 

Magenta bee hive made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

A Queen-B Bee Hive, by Bazzica