Nuük, the smart cooler safely traces biological samples in real-time

Nuük, the smart cooler safely traces biological samples in real-time

Nuük is designed to transport products or samples that are part of a highly regulated sector with demanding requirements. 

ARPRO global market leading expanded polypropylene logo

ARPRO as a Global Brand

Unify the brand names of JSP's EPP material ARPRO. JSP Corporation hereby announces that the product name of one of our core products, expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) material will be unified into ARPRO worldwides to enhance global branding. 

Three children playing with funiture made from ARPRO

Kolding Design School Students Innovate Children's Furniture with Sustainable Material ARPRO

Students Anna Kirstine Pedersen and Anna Kristine Bang Melsen of Kolding Design School in Denmark selected ARPRO EPP to create children’s furniture for their final assignment. ARPRO gave them freedom in design, a low CO2 footprint and recyclability.

SALOMON launch the first fully recyclable ski and snowboard helmet

SALOMON launch the first fully recyclable ski and snowboard helmet

The Brigade INDEX ski and snowboard helmet can be fully recycled at the end of its life and represents a totally new approach to helmet construction, using 96% of materials from a single plastic family.

JSP supports leading packaging provider’s commitment to circular economy with ARPRO RE 30%

JSP supports leading international packaging provider’s commitment to circular economy with ARPRO RE 30%

Increasing the recycled content of automotive and HVAC components made from ARPRO is a significant step forward in sustainable manufacturing practices and aligns with the ambitious sustainability goals of automotive manufacturers. 

JSP EMEA is the first EPP supplier to be certified by RecyClass

JSP EMEA is the first EPP supplier to be certified by RecyClass

ARPRO Recycled grades produced at the manufacturing sites in France and Czech Republic are all RecyClass certified. 

JSP invests in General-Industries Deutschland

JSP and General-Industries Deutschland reinforce recycling partnership

JSP acquires a stake in the leading European EPP recycler General-Industries Deutschland GmbH. 

ARPRO 35 Ocean selected to showcase HVAC

BEWI select ARPRO 35 Ocean to showcase HVAC in the Plastic Pavilion at UIA 2023

The Plastic Pavilion is located in Gammel Strand, Copenhagen. As a result of the harbour-side location, BEWI selected ARPRO 35 Ocean EPP to showcase their HVAC products as it contains 15% recycled content from maritime industry waste, primarily used fishing nets and ropes.

LCA 2023 

Significant carbon footprint savings in latest LCA results.

JSP’s Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf

JSP Joins PlastikCity Procurement Platform 

Gloabl specialist in sustainable thermoplastic foams, JSP International (JSP), has joined PlastikCity to promote its market leading range of expanded foam materials.

DECATHLON Bodyboard made from ARPRO 35 Ocean

DECATHLON launch the first recycled and recyclable bodyboard made from ARPRO

With a view to improve the components and manufacturing process of their beginner board, DECATHLON selected ARPRO 35 Ocean.

LiteWWeight® zEPP

Co-operation between Bossard Germany and JSP on a new level! 

Innovatively connecting ARPRO applications / MM-Welding® technology at the JSP Innovation Centre.

JSP EMEA is switching to bags made from 50% recycled PP content!

Grey is the new green! Based on our commitment to be as sustainable as possible, we have sourced a bag supplier within Europe that produces bags with 50% recycled PP bag content. 

Why use ARPRO RE grades?

JSP has 14 years’ experience of manufacturing recycled grades. We offer grades with 25% recycled end-of-life EPP parts that have the same performance as ARPRO Black!

ARPRO REvolution

Stability test perfomed on ARPRO 5134 RE

Are you concerned about thermal degradation potentially reducing the mechanical properties of ARPRO RE grades? No need

JSP’s Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf

ARPRO App - keeps you up-to-date whilst on the move 

This animated video highlights the features of the ARPRO App.

ARPRO REvolution

JSP develops ARPRO REvolution with a recycled content of > 90%

ARPRO REvolution was born from a demand from EPP sectors to have more recycled material and at the highest rate possible.

CO2 Bonus

Artekno Ocean Utö cooler boxes contain 15% EPP maritime industry waste

JSP’s Finnish customer, Artekno launch the first range of cooler boxes made from ARPRO 35 Ocean expanded polypropylene (EPP). This is a sustainable choice for cleaner oceans.

CO2 Bonus

Get the ARPRO CO2 Bonus at your factory gate

The world is changing and so are we. Our society and industry demand an increased awareness of the environmental impact on the way we live, act and on the products we consume.


Launch of unique Zeppy Speaker made with recyclable ARPRO 

Zeppy Sound Buddy is unlike any other speaker. Zeppy is portable, waterproof, buoyant, lightweight and robust. Zeppy gives you an incomparable sound with the latest technology and an incredible battery life (perfect for off-the-grid adventures). 


From Fishing Net to Particle Foam 

A large part of the plastic waste in the sea comes from the maritime industry. The Danish company Plastix recycles such old fishing nets and ropes. The granulate produced is used by JSP International, among others, to manufacture expanded polypropylene (EPP). 

JSP’s Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf

JSP Opens A New Innovation Centre 

JSP International (JSP), the world's largest manufacturer of expanded polypropylene (EPP), trading as ARPRO, is opening a new Innovation Centre in Düsseldorf for lightweight solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Innovation is at the heart of our industry and the engine of growth for our customers.

ARPRO 5134 RE made with 25% recycled content

ARPRO expanded polypropylene (EPP) is going full circle 

We are applying a circular economy to provide continued use of resources. JSP uses newly produced material made from recycled EPP to produce its ARPRO 5134 RE with a recycled content of 25%. This not only saves resources but also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 12% compared with virgin material.

ARPRO 35 Ocean beads

JSP is accelerating sustainability 

JSP, the world’s largest supplier of expanded polypropylene is leading the way for a circular economy with recycled grades of ARPRO and assisting customers to create closed loop recycling system to help meet climate targets.

ARPRO 5134 RE made with 25% recycled content

Circular Economy for Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) 

Automotive Components Made of Packaging – Currently, recyclates are in high demand, including in the automotive industry. Materials producer JSP has developed an expanded polypropylene with 25% recycled content.

Atermit helmet  side view

Face shield made from EPP

JSP customer Atermit has begun manufacturing face shields to protect users from COVID-19 using EPP (expanded polypropylene particle) foam: ARPRO, a material more commonly used in cars for occupant and pedestrian safety.

ARPRO 35 Ocean

Polymer foam made from Maritime Industry Waste with 15% recycled content 

Raw material manufacturer JSP is expanding its EPP (expanded polypropylene) particle foam range ARPRO, to include products made with recycled content.