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Publication date: 05.08.2020

JSP is accelerating sustainability

JSP, the world’s largest supplier of expanded polypropylene is leading the way for a circular economy with recycled grades of ARPRO and assisting customers to create closed loop recycling system to help meet climate targets.

Further details will be presented at the first VDI Lead Conference for Plastics in the Recycling Industry in Cologne on Thursday, 1 October 2020. Sustainability Product Manager, Jens Grunwald and Innovation Manager, Reinhard Ose will report on the development of the circulatory economy for post-consumer packaging and the requirements of recycled materials in the automotive industry. The presentation will focus specifically on lightweight applications for both industries to help meet the 2021 and 2030 climate targets, and discuss sustainability and function integration in relation to costs incurred.

Jens commented, “I am personally delighted to share best-practice experience with an audience from different industries and backgrounds during the VDI event. My colleague Reinhard Ose and I will contribute our practical experience on how we can support reaching climate goals in the automotive industry from raw materials, processing, use and recycling.”

Sustainability and recycling has been at the forefront of the JSP’s business for many years. The first ARPRO grade with recycled content was introduced to the market in 2010. This grade has since been enhanced with ARPRO 5134 RE, which has the same processing and mechanical properties as virgin material, with 25% recycled content and 12% CO2(e) savings. In 2020 ARPRO 35 Ocean was launched, it is the first expanded polypropylene made from 15% recycled maritime industry waste.

For further information, view the article: "Automotive Components Made of Packaging", covering the recycling of expanded polypropylene.

Support JSP to save resources and protect the environment. You will find further information at the Circular Economy Plastics conference. Book your tickets here.

ARPRO 35 Ocean beads