ARPRO is an impact energy absorption material with a unique combination of properties. ARPRO is a 3D engineering material that delivers energy absorption with structural strength at very low weight, as well as chemical resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, and is 100% recyclable. ARPRO has a significant and quantifiable environmental benefit that is twelve times its impact.

Male and female mannequin made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) standing for a family picture

Hello from the ARPRO Livelymen mannequins 

Side door panel for BMW i8 car door made from ARPRO

BMW i8 door panel 

Lime, Orange, Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Lemon and Porous coloured ARPRO (expanded polypropylene)

ARPRO Colours with Porous escaping! 

Black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) air duct for HVAC system

De Dietrich HVAC air flow channel

ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Lemon and Lime thermal insulating food boxes

Taracell thermal insulating boxes