The thermal and acoustical insulation properties of ARPRO make it perfect for the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) industry. The design flexibility of ARPRO enables key system components such as pumps, boilers, valves, heat-exchangers and control mechanisms to be universally housed in ARPRO to improve their insulation. 

ARPRO enables sophisticated three dimensional shapes, living hinges, inserts and cable channels. Housings in ARPRO allow for easy maintenance due to easy assembly and an organised structure. 

ARPRO allows integration of fixation items and reduces the numbers of rivets, screws, clips and similar items which will be replaced with snap fits. This drastically reduces assembly costs and makes the different components easier to install and easier to maintain or repair when in use.

The thermal insulating benefits of ARPRO mean that there are a growing number of applications in the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) industry.


Thermal insulation in combination with propertiessuch as lightweight, structural strength, energy absorption, acoustic insulation and design flexibility ensure broad suitability. Key system components such as pumps, boilers, valves, heat-exchangers, motors and control mechanisms are universally housed in ARPRO to improve heat insulation.

A cut through of an ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) part protecting a copper coloured valve with beak shaped handle

Valve protection and insulation 

A square block of black ARPRO  (expanded polypropylene)

Izopol modular HVAC housing made from many smaller segments 

A selection of ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) pieces broken up from HVAC housing

Izopol modular HVAC housing taken apart

A large rectangular mostly hollow part made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a large circular void in the centre

An intricately made HVAC heat exchanger made by Jacob Formschaum

Black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) heat exchanger for a HVAC system

ARPRO geothermal energy generator

ARPRO Porous is a unique, closed cell material that features air pockets, or voids, within the hollow cylinder-shaped particle structure; these enhance acoustic performance.


The macroscopic tortuosity of ARPRO Porous absorbs incident sound waves resulting in an acoustic attenuation up to 3dBA vs. ARPRO Black for the main ARPRO Porous applications (tool boxes and seating). 


ARPRO Porous is used in domestic and industrial HVAC-R component casings specifically to reduce pump, valve and control mechanism noise.

Moulded particles of ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) in Porous, available in various sizes and densities

ARPRO Porous 

The aesthetics of ARPRO are incredibly versatile, with options ranging from colours, surface textures, and fabric coverings.


Tool surface treatment and finishing techniques make it possible to generate a wide variety of patterns in various sizes and depths. The excellent post expansion ability of ARPRO enables superb quality surfaces that can be used in visible aesthetic applications.  


In addition, snap fit, tight tolerances enabling precision parts, living hinges and the ability for complex shapes make ARPRO a unique material.

Grey ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a indented diamond surface, Dragon Fruit ARPRO with a bumpy dotted surface, Orange ARPRO with a cell structure surface and Lime ARPRO with a multi directional line surface.

Different colour and surface options 

Five rectangular boxes moulded from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) colours - Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Lemon and Lime

ARPRO Colour options 

Black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a very thin hinge, called a living hinge

A living hinge 

Dragon Fruit ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with wire mesh moulded into it

Moulding ARPRO with other materials