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Publication date: 09.09.2020

JSP Opens A New Innovation Centre

JSP International (JSP), the world's largest manufacturer of expanded polypropylene (EPP), trading as ARPRO, is opening a new Innovation Centre in Düsseldorf for lightweight solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Innovation is at the heart of our industry and the engine of growth for our customers.

The Innovation Centre supports ARPRO customers and application developers at all stages of product development, from concept to volume production, with a team of experienced engineers to optimise innovative applications in terms of cost, weight saving, and reducing CO2 emissions. JSP customers have access to a wide range of different ARPRO grades to ensure the desired functionality of the EPP application.

The Innovation Centre is open to industrial engineers, application developers and OEMs looking to develop lightweight solutions and reduce CO2 emissions.

JSP offers its customers on-site and remote technical support throughout the design, testing and production phases.

Accelerate your next innovation; we look forward to your visit!

JSP’s Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf