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Publication date: 12.07.2021

Artekno Ocean Utö cooler boxes contain 15% EPP maritime industry waste

JSP’s Finnish customer, Artekno launch the first range of cooler boxes made from ARPRO 35 Ocean expanded polypropylene (EPP). This is a sustainable choice for cleaner oceans as it contains 15% maritime industry waste.

Artekno Ocean cooler boxes are available in 2 sizes: Utö 6 and Utö 25.  The larger Utö 25 boasts a 25-litre capacity and has unique features including channels inside the box to conduct cold air effectively and a curved top and bottom.  The curved bottom prevents moisture retention and the curved top keeps moisture away from the lid. Both box sizes have a durable strap made from recycled plastic.

ARPRO 35 Ocean’s physical properties and performance are the same as standard ARPRO but as a result of the 15% recycled content from fishing ropes and nets, the production process generates 7% less CO2 emissions.  ARPRO 35 Ocean EPP is 100% recyclable and provides outstanding thermal insulation, ideal for a cooler box application. The structural strength is superior to expanded polystyrene (EPS) and means that the Artekno Ocean Utö boxes can bear loads of up to 80kg.  ARPRO 35 Ocean is a lightweight, resilient and energy absorbing material that is able to withstand multiple impacts without damage and it reforms to its original shape. 

ARPRO 35 Ocean was the perfect choice of material for this project as it fitted with the whole environmental story, especially as the recycled content gives the material a unique sea green colour.  As Harri Rosenqvist, Product Manager at Artekno said, “We decided to start manufacturing Ocean Utö-series cooler boxes because eco-conscious customers expect more environmentally friendly products”.

The inspiration for the name of the Artkeno Ocean boxes comes from the island of Utö, the southernmost inhabited island in the Turku archipelago, situated by the most important fairway from the Baltic Sea to Turku and Naantali. Utö island has featured as a key point of reference for nautical pilots, lighthouse keepers and military personnel since the 17th Century and boasts a famous lighthouse that has been in situ since 1814.

 Jens Grunwald, Sustainability Product Manager at JSP EMEA likes the collaborative approach using maritime industry waste. “These are valuable resources that would otherwise get wasted”, Jens said, and added: “Our Danish recycling partner, Plastix is the foundation of a quality material stream that matches all performance requirements”.

Artekno Ocean is a sustainable choice for change and is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Artekno will donate €1 to Baltic Sea Protection Initiatives for every Artekno Ocean product sold. 

For more information on Artekno Ocean or to purchase an Artekno Ocean Utö cooler box, contact Artekno direct through their website  www.artekno.fi

For more information about ARPRO and ARPRO 35 Ocean, please visit www.ARPRO.com