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Publication date: 28.04.2023

LCA 2023

LCA 2023 results reflect significant carbon footprint savings.

We are pleased to announce that the latest LCA results confirm carbon footprint improvements for ARPRO and ARPRO RE grades.

The environmental impacts of expanded polypropylene ARPRO, ARPRO 35 Ocean, ARPRO RE 25% and 30% and ARPRO REvolution are based on the life cycle assessment. Carbon footprint savings have been made across the ARPRO portfolio and are due to our process improvements and optimisation of the recycling process.

Using ARPRO REvolution reduces CO2 emissions by 55% compared to ARPRO Black.  At 0.92 kg CO2 eq./ kg. ARPRO this is the lowest CO2 footprint of any EPP ever developed.

To download a copy of the LCA 2023 certificate, click here

Graphic showing LCA 2023 results for ARPRO