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Publication date: 19.06.2024

GID launches ARcycle, a premium quality rEPP

Leading European EPP recycler General-Industries Deutschland GmbH (Kassel, Germany) launches ARcycle, a premium quality rEPP designed for the production of EPP with recycled content.

JSP is purchasing ARcycle from GID, a prime choice of rPP feedstock to enable the stable manufacturing of ARPRO with post-consumer recycled content (ARPRO RE).  The quality and performance specifications of ARcycle are specifically tailored to be used seamlessly for the production of ARPRO RE grades. The post-consumer recycled streams at GID are fully certified by RecyClass.

ARcycle guarantees the quality of the recycled material. It covers the influx, sorting and processing to ensure the recycled pellets meet stringent specifications. The materials supplied by General-Industries Deutschland GmbH are approved by JSP for their use within the patent-pending manufacturing process of EPP-RE.

“As a result of the EU Green Deal, we anticipate a considerable demand for high-quality and certified recycled pellets. The introduction of ARcycle, will enable JSP’s customers to benefit from quality ARPRO RE," says JSP President & CEO Europe, Middle East & Africa Masakazu Sakaguchi.

JSP has been leading the development of ARPRO RE since 2010 with the launch of the first ARPRO grade with 15% recycled content. The full ARPRO RE portfolio is now available with 30% recycled content, and is fully RecyClass certified.

Think quality rEPP, buy ARcycle!

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