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Publication date: 27.01.2022

JSP develops ARPRO REvolution with a recycled content of >90%

ARPRO REvolution was born from a demand from EPP sectors to have more recycled material and at the highest rate possible.  As the market leader, JSP embraced the challenge to develop a grade with a composition of >90% recycled content. 

JSP launched their first recycled grade: ARPRO 5135 RE in 2008.  This grade consisted of 15% recycled content from packaging and production scraps.  Since then, partnerships formed with key players in the industry allowed the recycled portfolio to expand to offer grades with 25% recycled end-of-life EPP parts (ARPRO 5134 RE and ARPRO 5121 RE) and 15% recycled marine industry waste (ARPRO 35 Ocean). 

ARPRO REvolution uses end-of-life EPP moulded parts from any type of application. The EPP end-of-life parts are sorted, compacted and re-granulated according to strict quality requirements established by JSP which saves the planet but adds additional efforts to the cost of production. ARPRO REvolution is perfectly targeted for non-technical applications such as packaging, leisure and furniture applications in the future.

ARPRO REvolution has the lowest CO2 footprint of any Expanded Polypropylene ever developed. Compared to conventional EPP from virgin Polypropylene ARPRO REvolution offers a -42% reduction in CO2 emissions, from 2.7kgCO2 eq./kg to 1.57kgCO2 eq./kg.

Antonio Pereira, JSP EMEA Development Project Leader said, “I really think this product is REvolutionary and I am proud to be part of the project team with a pioneering ARPRO grade made from close to 100% recycled end-of-life moulded parts. I am convinced that this product will fulfil all expectations regarding EPP based on recycled content and is a real technical solution compared to CO2 certificate trading. It’s also very rewarding to see new developments come to the table with main objective to drastically reduce our global environmental impact and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

The use of end-of-life EPP parts from different origins, exposures or degrees of degradation means that the technical properties of ARPRO REvolution may vary from batch to batch and may not be stable enough to meet the stringent requirements needed for technical or safety applications such as in dynamic impact energy absorbers in automobiles.

ARPRO REvolution is the answer for all those who want to minimise their environmental impact as much as possible, optimise their carbon footprint reduction and get ahead by projecting themselves into a future that will preserve today’s resources.

Accelerate your next innovation. The official launch of ARPRO REvolution is planned for Autumn 2022 but material is available now for trials.

For more information about ARPRO REvolution, please visit the contact section of our website www.arpro.com or email arpro@jsp.com