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Publication date: 23.04.2020

Polymer foam made from Maritime Industry Waste with 15% recycled content

Raw material manufacturer JSP is expanding its EPP (expanded polypropylene) particle foam range; ARPRO, to include products made with recycled content. 

New ARPRO 35 Ocean is made with 15% recycled maritime industry waste content; it has a medium bulk density (34 g/l) for lightweight moulded parts with densities between 40 to 70 g/l.

ARPRO 35 Ocean has comparable physical properties and performance as ARPRO made from new materials, the tensile strength of ARPRO 35 Ocean at 45 g/l is 615 kPa and at 60 g/l is 830 kPa.

During the production of ARPRO 35 Ocean 7% less CO2 is produced when compared with virgin material.

For all ARPRO Ocean products, only recycled material from end-of-life (EOL) maritime industrial waste such as fishing nets and ropes are used, which gives its unique colour.  

“With ARPRO 35 Ocean we are targeting ocean pollution head on, making a positive environmental contribution by pioneering the first EPP to use 15% recycled content from maritime industry waste, we are helping to relieve the burden on the oceans” said Vice President Sales, Frank Tölle. “This will reduce the amount of plastic waste that pollutes our environment and conserve resources”

 ARPRO 35 Ocean