When you buy ARPRO you are not just buying the best material on the market, but also the unwavering, exceptional Service, Speed, Innovation, Quality and Technical Support:

Quality - exemplary consistency, delivered through rigorous quality control. Aside from process control, there are at least nine major quality control elements, all the way from control of incoming goods to final checks prior to ARPRO loading. As an example, as well as rigorous manufacturing quality control, at loading there are up to 500 density checks! 

Service - the highest standards of order placement, tracking and on-site support as well as customer driven product development.

Speed - exceptional customer solutions delivered without delay.

Innovation - we continuously develop products and applications that accelerate customer and environmental benefit.

Technical Support - our experienced support team enables customers to test the feasibility of new solutions and validate manufacturing, enabling accurate series production. We also provide dynamic on-site moulding support for project start up and in the event of any issues. The eureka development laboratory, with full telemetry, is at the disposal of our customers.