Products such as medicines, prostheses and hygienic products place particularly high demands on packaging for sterility, protection, temperature-control and security, all of which are met by ARPRO.

Many of these demands are also present in other industries, for example automotive parts such as satnav systems need to be protected during transport both from accidental damage and static electricity. ARPRO is perfect for this.

In an industry with increasing concerns for environmental performance, reducing environmental impact through re-usable packaging is important. Use of re-usable packaging is extending beyond the automotive industry (where it is called dunnage) to traditional ‘delicate’ components such as glass, electronic or painted parts, as the next phase of minimising costs are found in process efficiencies.


Re-usable packaging containers not only protect parts in transit, but they make packaging and shipping easier (by reducing materials needed and time taken) and help to make unpacking and assembly more efficient.

A black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) dunnage part containing one number plate shaped part in the middle

Dunnage packaging for car number plates

Lime green ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) in a heart shape clear mould

ARPRO Lime heart 

The durability of ARPRO allows for multi-use, transport ready packaging for many different types of components and sensitive products, from tiny needles for electronics components to large trays for automotive panorama roofs, with the ability for automated robotic installations.

A new car sun roof in black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) dunnage reusable packaging

Dunnage for car sun roofs

Black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) dunnage packaging for coffins

Dunnage for coffins! 

A black rectangular ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) dunnage part with raised triangular segments a third in from each end creating multiple rows

Re-usable packaging for BMW car window liners

Packaging for goods where more protection from multiple impacts is required, valuable goods that need special treatment and special care, or if there are long distance transports that need more advanced protection than usual, ARPRO is the material of choice.

Side view of black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) packaging for a Bee Very Creative 3D printer

Packaging for the Bee Very Creative 3D printer

Tools for a Bee Very Creative 3D printer with a tape, material wheel and tools stored in a black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) case

When the printer is removed there are specific recesses for all the equipment you need 

Square box of black ARPRO, with the lid removed to reveal a square ARPRO base protecting a small perfume bottle

Sillages stylish and sleek packaging for perfume 

The lightweight, durable and thermal insulation properties of ARPRO make it a widely used ideal material for food packaging and catering boxes. ARPRO is also easy to clean, re-usable and designed for use in both hot and cold conditions.


ARPRO is available in many food approved grades.

A black and grey ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) box for fish, the fish are stored on ice

Fish keeping cold in a Flip-Box by Overath

A magenta ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) thermo KANGABOX with a black lid

A striking thermal insulating Kangabox

Two thermo bottle holders that are pink and blue with one baby's bottle in them made out of ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) for temperature control

Colourful bottle insulation 

ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Lemon and Lime thermal insulating food boxes, Blueberry and Dragon fruit boxes open

Wonderfully colourful thermal insulating boxes by Taracell 

The ARPRO Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESDP) grade assures greater protection from electrostatic discharge with a permanent surface resistance of less than 108Ω, promoting rapid static decay to protect against sparking.


ARPRO ESDP is used for moulding and fabricating packaging materials used for sensitive electronic equipment and other products where static discharge is undesirable.

A black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) dunnage part containing two air ducts on the left hand side, made using ARPRO with electro static discharge protection

ESDP dunnage being used to protect air vents 

The aesthetics of ARPRO are incredibly versatile, with options ranging from colours, surface textures, and fabric coverings.


Tool surface treatment and finishing techniques make it possible to generate a wide variety of patterns in various sizes and depths. The excellent post expansion ability of ARPRO enables superb quality surfaces that can be used in visible aesthetic applications.  


In addition, snap fit, tight tolerances enabling precision parts, living hinges and the ability for complex shapes make ARPRO a unique material.

Grey ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a indented diamond surface, Dragon Fruit ARPRO with a bumpy dotted surface, Orange ARPRO with a cell structure surface and Lime ARPRO with a multi directional line surface.

Different colour and surface options 

Five rectangular boxes moulded from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) colours - Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Lemon and Lime

ARPRO Colour options 

Black ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with a very thin hinge, called a living hinge

A living hinge 

Dragon Fruit ARPRO (expanded polypropylene) with wire mesh moulded into it

Moulding ARPRO with other materials