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Publication date: 04.07.2023

BEWI select ARPRO 35 Ocean to showcase HVAC in the Plastic Pavilion at UIA 2023.

BEWI, a leading international provider of packaging, components and insulation solutions was invited by The Danish Plastics Federation to showcase their HVAC products used in houses and buildings. This follows competition success for the Danish Plastics Federation to design one of the 12 pavilions for the World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen.

Each pavilion is the result of a collaboration between architects, engineers, material producers, science institutions, associations, and foundations, all working to towards asking the right questions when it comes to building for the future, relating to one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs).

The Plastic Pavilion: Building Sustainable Societies is located in Gammel Strand, Copenhagen. As a result of the harbour-side location, BEWI selected ARPRO 35 Ocean EPP to showcase their HVAC products as it contains 15% recycled content from maritime industry waste, primarily used fishing nets and ropes.

Marianne F. Nielsen QES Manager at BEWI Denmark A/S said, “We think that showing ARPRO 35 Ocean EPP in a HVAC product gives the architects and the industry a glance of the many new materials that are on the marked for recycled material. We could have shown JSP 30% Recycled material, but it’s black and looks like any other EPP product, so it was more interesting to show the ARPRO 35 Ocean material, when the pavilion is placed next to the harbour of Copenhagen.”

JSP’s stringent recycled material requirements are key to ensuring material and processing properties are as close as possible to those of virgin material. A recycled content of 15% maritime industry waste currently represents the optimal ratio between recycled and virgin material to ensure certified material properties. The particle foam also meets the requirements for technical lightweight construction applications.

ARPRO 35 Ocean is the first EPP with 15% recycled content from maritime industrial waste. The physical properties and performance are comparable to ARPRO made from virgin raw materials but as a result of the recycled content from fishing nets and ropes, the production process generates 7% less CO2 emissions. The recycled content gives the material a unique sea green colour which makes it an attractive choice for many products.

ARPRO 35 Ocean has a unique combination of properties that are suitable for HVAC applications. ARPRO is a 3D engineering material that delivers energy absorption with structural strength at very low weight. ARPRO has excellent thermal insulation which contributes to efficient heating or cooling in a building. ARPRO can be moulded and adapted to specific design and installation requirements and is lightweight and 100% recyclable.

The project is presented by the Danish Association of Architects and the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen and CPH City and Port Development. The pavilions are created in relation to the World Congress, and present activities to congress guests and visitors throughout the summer to celebrate Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023.

The Plastic Pavilion is located on Gammel Strand in Copenhagen from 19th June to 12th July and UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023 runs from 2nd to 6th July. To learn more, click here