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Publication date: 05.05.2020

Face Shield Made from EPP

JSP customer Atermit  Atermit face shield side viewhas begun manufacturing face shields to protect users from COVID-19 using EPP (expanded polypropylene particle) foam: ARPRO, a material more commonly used in cars for occupant and pedestrian safety.

Based in Turkey, Atermit, whose primary market is manufacturing products for the construction and automotive industries, wanted to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.Their engineers designed a face shield to help frontline care workers, taking just three weeks to adapt a design for a protective helmet made from ARPRO for the headpiece of the face shield.

Using ARPRO means the face shield is lightweight at only 80g and offers complimentary head impact protection against light knocks or bumps. With a changeable film at the front, the shield is suitable to wear with a facemask and glasses allowing for clear vision. The expandable headpiece is comfortable for all day use.

Atermit face shield side view“We feel proud using our skills and current technology to develop face shields for healthcare professionals,” said Emin Ozgur, Managing Partner at Atermit. “The face shield offers much needed protection for key workers from splashes and sprays. We also envisage others using the product, such as cashiers, security and reception personnel, or anyone doing house visits and meeting others frequently during this period.”

For every four-face shields sold, Atermit will donate one to those who most need it.

Frank Tölle, Vice-President Sales at JSP added, “We were excited to hear Atermit were proactively developing a useful solution during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect healthcare professionals. It goes to show how versatile ARPRO is from being used in the automotive industry to packaging and insulation and now in personal protection equipment.

Atermit Face Shield made using ARPRO