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Publication date: 09.02.2022

Stability test performed on ARPRO 5134 RE

Are you concerned about thermal degradation potentially reducing the mechanical properties of ARPRO RE grades? No need.

We performed a stability test on ARPRO 5134 RE and it did not highlight any differences between virgin ARPRO and ARPRO with 25% recycled content in terms of moulding behaviour or mechanical properties. This is thanks to an excellent additives package and a well-controlled recycling loop.

The performance of ARPRO 5134 RE was assessed after several complete loops of recycling. A complete recycling loop of end-of-life ARPRO parts is defined as the process including the following steps: Extrusion, Expansion, Moulding, Grinding and Regranulation.

Mechanical recycling of ARPRO is the most efficient way to save resources and reuse waste material. As the only EPP manufacturer to offer Recycled grades, these stability tests prove that performance is not compromised compared to ARPRO Black.

Click here to download the Stability test.

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